11/19/2023 05:30 pm – Caligari FilmBühne

France 2023 95 min Original version with German and English subtitles
Local premiere

by Michaël Dichter

Script: Michaël Dichter, Mathias Gavarry, DoP: Maxime Cointe, Editor: Sarah Ternat, Music: Hugo Gonzalez-Pioli, Production: Rectangle Productions, Les Films Norfolk, Cast: Diego Murgia, Benjamin Tellier, Jean Devie, Emmanuelle Bercot, Raphaël Quenard
East of France, today. Max, a witty and brave twelve-year-old, feels like he has two families instead of one. In and after school, he spends all his time with his two best friends Tom and Vivian, who are always there to make life easier for each other. Together, they are “The Fantastic Three”. His real family on the other hand, is messy, with a depressed single mother and a brother in jail. When Max’s brother returns home, more trouble arises. To save his brother from his own downfall, Max drags his friends with him into a seemingly inevitable spiral.

Director Michaël Dichter manages to translate Max’s inner conflict into vivid images – and thus to bring his conflict between the close bond with his friends and his loyalty to his brother across the screen for the audience in a very tangible way.

Michaël Dichter is a young director with an atypical background: he self-produced and directed three short films and acted in two feature films: VIE SAUVAGE by Cédric Kahn and TELLE MÈRE, TELLE FILLE by Noémie Saglio, in which he plays the male lead alongside Camille Cottin and Juliette Binoche. THE FANTASTIC THREE is his feature film directorial debut.

Filmography (selection): 2018 POLLUX (short film), 2023 THE FANTASTIC THREE

Best Friend Forever
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