exground filmfest 32 – Tag 7 / 21. November
Baronesa (Juliana Antunes)

Short films and guests from all over the world, feminist docu-fiction from Brazil & showdown on the high seas

Short films from Iran have been an integral part of exground filmfest for years. At 17:30 we will show the program IRAN in Murnau, graced with the presence of guests from all the seven films, including five world premieres and a German premiere.

There will be more short films and special guests at 8 pm in Caligari. In the INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM COMPETITION – PART I we will present the first eight of a total of 16 films that are competing for the jury prize endowed with € 2,000.

Documentary lovers would be happy to see the Brazilian production BARONESA by Juliana Antunes at 6 pm in the crypt, which was made under difficult circumstances and portray two women who befriend each other in the favelas around Belo Horizon. Scripted, authentic, surprising, challenging! We are looking forward to the conversation with Juliana Antunes.

At 10 pm, the supposed friends Richard, Sasha and Jonah head for showdown on the high seas in the Canadian HARPOON. With engine damage and no food aboard a yacht, feelings of jealousy boil up between the three of them. A bitter and bloody reckoning with love and friendship, in the presence of the producer Mike Peterson.