11/22/2023 09:45 pm – Caligari FilmBühne

Belgium 2023 111 min Flemish original version with English subtitles
German premiere

by Veerle Baetens

Script: Veerle Baetens, Maarten Loix, DoP: Frederic Van Zandycke, Editor: Thomas Poorters, Music: Bjorn Eriksson, Producer: Bart Van Langendonck, Production: Savage Film, PRPL, Versus Production, Cast: Charlotte De Bruyne, Rosa Marchant, Sébastien Dewaele, Naomi Vellisariou
It had been a long time since Eva had been back home. After a scorching hot summer of her childhood, during which her life spiraled out of control, she had been glad to finally be able to put all that behind her. On the occasion of a memorial service, Eva returns to the village where she grew up.

As an adult woman, she is now confronted with her family, in which she often felt lonely and misunderstood. She meets familiar faces and her former friends with whom she spent a carefree childhood until everything changed. She starts to remember to the days back then. In the depths of winter, she now faces her past and her tormentors. On the back seat of her car she has brought a block of ice… The film is based on the novel of the same name by Belgian writer Lize Spit.

Veerle Baetens, born in 1978 in Brasschaat/Belgium, has worked as actress, director, writer and singer, so far. After her musical education at the Institute of Dramatic Arts of the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, she acted in theater and musical productions and in recent years has appeared in several television series and films. As an actress, she received several awards, including the Best Actress Award at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2013 and the European Film Award in the “European Actress” category. WHEN IT MELTS is her directorial debut. The film premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival in January, where it was screened in the “World Cinema Dramatic Competition” section.

Filmography: 2023 WHEN IT MELTS

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