european cinema
This section serves up eight highlights from larger festivals in Belgium, Estonia, Great Britain, France, Macedonia, Romania, Spain and Sweden. In ÀMA GLORIA, six-year-old Cléo’s nanny has to return to the Cape Verde Islands. In GIRL, refugee mom Grace tries to protect her daughter from the outside world in Glasgow. In TO THE NORTH, refugees attempt to reach the promised land aboard a container ship. In MINSK, a young married couple in Belarus accidently gets swept up into protests against a presidential election and experiences police violence. During a speed-dating event in Sarajevo, a participant seeks forgiveness instead of a woman – it is doubtful whether he is truly THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD, as the title implies. And in the comedy THE HYPNOSIS, a jointly-developed app puts a couple’s relationship to the test. UNDER THERAPY depicts three couples in group therapy, though without a therapist in sight. Finally, in WHEN IT MELTS, following years of absence Eva returns to her hometown – with an ice block on the back seat of her car.

Shorts as openers