11/21/2023 05:30 pm – Krypta der Marktkirche

Chile 2022 90 min Original version with German and English subtitles
German premiere

by Roberto Baeza

DoP: Alejandro Carrasco, Felipe Bello, Editor: Carlos Dittborn, Music: Ricardo Santander, Producers: Paulina Costa, Alfredo García, Production: La Toma, with: Silvia Vera Sommer, Lucho Costa Del Pozo, Alfredo García Vera, Paulina Costa Maluk, Ema García Avalos
Alfredo and Paulina are connected by their fathers’ fates. The two men met in the torture centre Villa Grimaldi, following their arrests for involvement in unwelcome political activities. One of them survived, while the other “disappeared”. As filmmakers, Alfredo and Paulina re-stage the events using actors, casting and shooting in the presence of their own parents, in an effort to confront family trauma, but also to embrace the difficult task of collective remembrance. Roberto Baeza has managed to capture the emotionally disturbing process with great sensitivity. A polyphonic project treating the way in which the horrors of the military dictatorship are deeply entangled with Chile’s tension-filled present.

Roberto Baeza, born in Chile in 1974, has been a Professor of Cinema for 13 years at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago de Chile. He also founded La Toma Film Academy und directs it since 2003. His work includes directing the television series FILMOGRAFÍAS (2010), a winning project of the Audiovisual Fund and broadcasted by channel 13C. Furthermore, he was the editor of the documentary feature DARÍO EN TOMA (2014) by JM Oñate and has had a long experience as a director’s assistant in film projects like ISIDORA, LA PELÍCULA (2012) by Nicolás Superby, BARETA (2013) by Roberto Farías, and ASEO GENERAL (2009) by Paulina Costa. MEETING POINT is his first feature-length documentary as a director.

Filmography (selection): 2010 FILMOGRAFÍAS (tv series), 2022 MEETING POINT

Compañía de Cine
Paulina Portela
Buenos Aires