focus chile
The protests in Chile beginning in 2019 are rooted in glaring injustices present in the country’s political, economic and social spheres. The films of the Country Focus intensely examine the foundations of these imbalances: including patriarchal structures, (neo-) colonial violence or the sustained impact of the military dictatorship’s terror. Central in this regard are collective actions of speaking and remembering. We have deliberately chosen to take a close look at the films of a younger generation and invite the filmmakers to present their works personally. A remarkable number of the productions are debut films. The selection features traditional narrative student projects alongside independently realised experimental films and a directorial debut by an established actress, but also includes screenings of Chile’s Oscar submission and celebrated works from Berlin, Cannes and Rotterdam. The Country Focus section encompasses stylistically and conceptionally idiosyncratic, emotionally moving and socially relevant cinema, topped off with a rich supporting program.

Shorts as openers