11/25/2023 08:00 pm – Murnau-Filmtheater

Chile 2023 80 min Original version with German and English subtitles
German premiere

by Alexandra Hyland

Script: Alexandra Hyland, DoP: Francisca Sáez Agurto, Editors: Mayra Morán, Roberto Doveris, Valeria Hernández, Producers: Selva González, Roberto Doveris, Production: Maltrato Films, Niña Niño Films, Cast: Nicole Sazo, Alicia Rodríguez
Weeks after a sweet night of partying, Rafaela realises that she is pregnant. What now? A child is the last thing her life needs at the moment, and, in spite of a change to the law in 2017, abortion is still illegal in most cases, in addition to its status as an issue mired in misogynist politics and narrow conceptions of morality. Rafa and her best friend Gabriela are forced to scout around for pills on the black market. In order to be able to afford them, they take on countless odd jobs, which begins to strain their friendship. Alas, in the end the more important things win out! With an affectionate, empowering sensibility, OUTSIDER GIRLS tells a tale of solidarity, of the right to decide what happens to one’s own body and of the unacceptable situation of those facing unwanted pregnancies in Latin America.

Alexandra Hyland studied Film at the Universidad Católica de Chile. As a screenwriter she participated in the Guadalajara Co-Production Meeting,
the Ventana Sur Market and Talent Campus Buenos Aires, while with her debut feature OUTSIDER GIRLS she was part of the Ibermedia Development Lab, the FemCine Screenwriting Lab, and Sanfic’s Santiago Lab, where she won the Tribeca Award to participate in the Tribeca Industry Market in New York.

Filmography: 2023 OUTSIDER GIRLS

Compañía de Cine
Paulina Portela
Buenos Aires