11/20/2023 05:30 pm – Murnau-Filmtheater

Chile 2023 72 min Original version with German and English subtitles
European premiere

by Taiyo Yamazaki

Script: Taiyo Yamazaki, Cristóbal Acevedo, DoP: Piero Bravo, Editor: Antonia Quiroz Bruce, Producers: Nicolás Heimrich Morales, Abbril Ayala, Production: Cine UDD, Cast: Daniel Candia, Alejandra Yañez, Igor Cantillana, América Navarro, Roberto Villena, Daniela Fredes, Alejandro Trejo
After the sudden death of his father and finding out he’s going to lose the house where him and his family have vacationed at for over 25 years, Nancho and his family will seek for a way to sabotage the sale and will fight for the house that belongs to them, where they have grown up and formed many memories. But the attachment and disobedience of Nancho will lead to the family taking drastic decisions. With lively lightness, laconic wit and likeable characters, Taiyo Yamazaki devotes his feature film debut to the absurd imponderables of family conflicts.

Taiyo Yamazaki from Puerto Montt city, born from a Japanese father and Chilean mother, has been interested in filmmaking since he was a child. He relocated to Santiago de Chile to study film, and inclined towards directing. He’s the director and co-writer of his first feature film THANKS FOR COMING.

Filmography: 2023 THANKS FOR COMING

Cine UDD
Av La Plaza 680
7610658 Santiago de Chile
Natalia Isotta Silva