Germany 2022 4 min without dialogues

by Valentin Dittlmann, Hannes Werner and Felix Zachau

Script, DoP and Editors: Valentin Dittlmann, Hannes Werner, Felix Zachau, Music: Ikoliks, Producer: Katharina Hein, Cast: Nicole Adamczyk, Katharina Hein, Hannes Werner
A garbage-collecting robot whizzes through the streets. It is controlled by an elderly lady who, during her dreary work, is reminded of her youthful lightness by a surprising encounter.

Valentin Dittlmann, Hannes Werner and Felix Zachau began to study together in the area of Visual Effects at Munich’s University for Television and Film (HFF) in October 2021. They share an interest in films and, in particular, a fascination for transcending the limits of reality through the use of creative techniques. Today, they do what they dreamt of accomplishing as children: making films from scratch that grip audiences and evoking emotions via the creation of images.

Filmography (together): 2022 CLEAN AID

Valentin Dittlmann

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