Germany 2023 15 min German and English original version with English subtitles
World premiere

by Giovanna Nodari and Silvia Cannarozzi

Script: Anna Bellettato, DoP, Editor, Music: Athena Varosio, Production: Cannarozzi, Nodari Produktion, Cast: Giovanna Nodari, Blessing Osadolor, Paul Cless
When the lives of two women at polar opposites cross each other, the roles get switched. From victim to perpetrator, the step is short.

Giovanna Nodari is an Italian actress and started her career in Rome, where she acted in TV and films for 15 years. In 2012, she moved to Berlin, where she played various roles in international and German productions. In 2022, she acted, wrote and produced the short film THE GALLERY.

Silvia Cannarozzi is an Italian author and director of short films and music videos. In 2021, she was one of the six directors of the “Becoming Maestre” mentoring program, selected by Netflix together with the Italian Film Academy – David di Donatello Awards.

Filmography (Silvia Cannarozzi): 2013 PUGLIA IS TO DIE FOR, 2018 FARTA, 2021 FÜR EINE NACHT, 2022 THE GALLERY; 2023 DECENT PEOPLE (co-director with Giovanna Nodari)

Silvia Cannarozzi

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