11/24/2023 05:15 pm – Caligari FilmBühne

Argentina/Spain 2023 98 min Original version with English subtitles
German premiere

by Marina Seresesky

Script: Marina Seresesky, DoP: Federico Rivarés, Editor: Irene Blecua, Music: Nicolás Guerschberg, Producers: Christian Faillace, Juan Pablo Galli, Álvaro Lavín, Marcelo Ortega, Production: Meridional Producciones, Oeste Films, Patagonik, et al., Cast: Darío Grandinetti, Mercedes Morán, Jorge Marrale
LET THE DANCE BEGIN is a road movie. A van and three elders in search of a shared secret. And tango. A lot of tango. Dancing as background and motor of the three main characters. Carlos and Margarita were the most famous tango couple of their time. Today, very little remains of that splendor, of that passion that led them to share, stages, travel and life…

Carlos lives in Madrid, enjoying the second opportunity that life has given him and Margarita lives in Buenos Aires immersed in poverty and oblivion. Together with their inseparable friend Pichuquito, the couple starts a journey in search of answers, which will make them face their memories, their fears, but above all their true desires.

“What happens when the past clouds the present and prevents you from seeing the future? How do you live if your true love is just a distant memory?” (Marina Seresesky)

Marina Seresesky, born on December 20, 1969 in Buenos Aires/Argentina, is a screenwriter and director. Both facets of her work have been closely connected with one another since the beginning of her career. In her films, the performers carry the full weight of the plot. Every gesture, every look, every little nuance helps us to understand the story.

Filmography (selection): 2012 LA BODA (short film), 2016 LA PUERTA ABIERTA, 2019 LA REVOLUCIÓN DE LOS BOMBOS, 2023 LET THE DANCE BEGIN

Awards: Audience Award “Silver Biznaga” to Marina Seresesky and Award for Best Supporting Actor “Silver Biznaga” to Jorge Marrale (Malaga Spanish Film Festival, Spain 2023)

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