world cinema
In the “World Cinema” section, we are presenting ten documentary and fiction-feature highlights from this year’s festival season. We’ll take you along on a journey to Argentina, Iran, Jordan, Columbia, Congo, Mexico, Palestine and Tunisia. Argentina makes a total of three appearances, including THE CASTLE, this year’s award winner in the “Horizontes” series at San Sebastian Film Festival. And with THE KINGS OF THE WORLD we have the winner of the main award at the 2022 edition in San Sebastian ready to go too. Five films are in the running as country submissions for the foreign-film Oscar in 2024: INSHALLAH A BOY for Jordan, BYE BYE TIBERIAS for Palestine, FOUR DAUGHTERS for Tunisia, THE DELINQUENTS for Argentina and OMEN for Belgium. However, since the directorial debut from rapper Baloji is almost entirely set in Congo, we have decided to include it in the “World Cinema” section. TERRESTRIAL VERSES depicts bureaucratic insanity in Iran, and one of its two directors, Ali Asgari, had his passport taken away following the film’s premiere in Cannes.

Shorts as openers