In our World Cinema section, featuring eleven documentary and fiction films, we are presenting current highlights from this year’s festival season. We intend to take you on a journey with stops in Brazil, Chile, Morocco, Mexico, Myanmar, Palestine, Iran and the Philippines, including four national submissions for best international film at the 2023 Academy Awards: Brazilian competition entry MARS ONE, THE BLUE CAFTAN for Morocco, MEDITERRANEAN FEVER for Palestine and Denmark’s HOLY SPIDER. However, as the latter is set entirely in Iran, we decided to incorporate it in this section. Women play big roles in this series, like the Tequila producer who attempts to defend herself against foreign speculators in DOS ESTACIONES. In the road movie QUEENS, a female trio attempts to make it to freedom. In UNTIL TOMORROW, the protagonist tries to lead a self-determined life. In LEONOR WILL NEVER DIE, a once-successful director seeks escape in an uncompleted film.

Shorts as openers