11/21/2023 07:30 pm – Caligari FilmBühne

Iran 2023 77 min Original version with German subtitles

by Ali Asgari and Alireza Khatami

Script: Ali Asgari, Alireza Khatami, DoP: Adib Sabhani, Editor: Ehsan Vaseghi, Sound: Abdolreza Heydari, Iman Bazyar, Producers: Ali Asgari, Milad Khosravi, Production: Taat Films, Seven Springs Pictures, Tell Tall Tale, Cynefilms, Cast: Bahram Ark, Arghavan Shabani, Servin Zabetian, Sadaf Asgari
The film follows everyday people from all walks of life as they navigate the cultural, religious, and institutional constraints imposed on them by various social authorities, from school teachers to bureaucrats. These stirring vignettes, humorous and affecting, capture the spirit and determination of people amidst adversity, offering a nuanced portrait of a complex society. The film celebrated its world premiere this year at the Cannes Film Festival in the “Un Certain Regard” competition.

“Shot in seven days (…) TERRESTRIAL VERSES breathes, in a minimalist way, the desire to regain control of one’s life in the face of interference, harassment, zeal, and the perversity of bureaucrats, teachers, representatives of public authority, and employers who wield a tiny amount of power that contributes to the formation of the totalitarian magma.” (Malik Berkati,

Ali Asgari
Ali Asgari, born in 1982 in Tehran/Iran, studied film in Italy and was an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus 2013. His short films were screened at more than 600 film festivals and won over 150 awards. His second feature film UNTIL TOMORROW premiered at the Berlinale 2022 and was also shown at exground filmfest.

Alireza Khatami
Alireza Khatami is an Iranian-American director living in Canada. His debut film OBLIVION VERSES won three awards in the “Orrizzonti” series at the Venice Film Festival in 2017.TERRESTRIAL VERSES is the first joint directorial effort with Ali Asgari and had its world premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in the “Un Certain Regard” competition.

Filmography (together): 2023 TERRESTRIAL VERSES

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