11/19/2023 03:00 pm – Caligari FilmBühne

Italy/Latvia 2022 104 min Latvian and English original version with German and English subtitles
Local premiere

by Linda Olte

Script: Linda Olte, DoP: Aleksandrs Grebņevs, Editors: Linda Olte, Andris Grants, Music: Federico Campana, Producer: Matīss Kaža, Production: Trickster Pictures, Albolina Film, Fenixfilm, Deep Sea Studios, Cast: Emma Skirmante, Gerda Aljēna, Katrīna Krēsliņa, Iveta Pole, Elita Kļaviņa, Victoria Mayers-Gray, Neil McGarry
Anastasia and Diana are two sisters living in a Latvian orphanage. When they get to know that an American family is ready to adopt them, Diana cannot wait to move to the States, while Anastasia is less excited about the idea of leaving her home. When their estranged biological mother Alla returns to their lives,
Anastasia does everything to establish a relationship with her, but Alla has other plans.

“Anastasia’s story is about the search for one’s identity, about the possibility of disrupting the scenario which life has predetermined for us. (…) My film reflects the social reality of an undermined sphere in contemporary Latvia. As we tell the story of Anastasia, Julia and Diana, we are also telling the stories of numerous children of the system as their fates tend to be similar.” (Linda Olte)

Linda Olte, born in 1978, is a Latvian director, writer and editor. The focus of her work in film is tied to social issues, especially concerning families and children. Her work on the documentary MY FATHER THE BANKER (2015) earned her a Latvian Film Award for Best Editing. After many years of working in Latvian Television on several successful programs, series and shorts, her debut feature SISTERS premiered at the Warsaw International Film Festival in 2022.

Filmography (selection): 2012 PARIMAD NAABRID (documentary), 2015 JANIS. ELZA. MILAS GRAMATA (tv film), 2020 PROJEKTS SKIRSANAS (tv series), 2022 SISTERS

Awards (selection): Prize for Best Film (Warsaw International Film Festival, Polen 2022), Audience Award and IDM Film Award (Bolzano Film Festival, Italy 2023)

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